Online Evaluation



We apologize for any inconvenience, but Bridgeway Services will not be accepting new clients for after-school social group participation until further notice. We continue to appreciate the many doctors, educators, and parents that refer our services. 

During time periods when we are accepting new clients, an online evaluation is required for participation in our after-school social groups and summer camps. Because our expertise, social groups, and summer camps are tailored to high functioning individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (previously diagnosed as Asperger Syndrome under the DSM-IV), please know that our services are based on learning styles consistent with average to above average IQ and social skills deficits without a langauge delay. 

After completing the online evalution, we will need to schedule an initial consultation to meet in person. Because of the high volume of requests for our services during times when we are accepting new clients, we are often unable to complete new requests in a timely manner. Our current client's needs are our first priority. We appreciate your patience as your needs are also important to us. We look forward to meeting you in the future, and always appreciate persistant parents that follow up with us to get the initial consultation scheduled.